Am I eligible to apply as a mentee?

Screen Mentoring is open to industry professionals working in the Irish screen sector with a minimum of three year’s full-time experience. Prospective should also be able to demonstrate should demonstrate: the relevance of mentoring to professional development; immediate up-skilling requirements and long-term goals; commitment and motivation to continuous development in the screen industries.

You can find more information here

Am I eligible to apply as a mentor?

Screen Mentoring is open to experts in the screen sectors, with over five years’ experience at a senior level. 

You can find more information here

My CV and/or references will not upload.

This is most likely due to the file format, file name of file size. Please ensure the following before uploading your supporting documents:

  • The file format should be either PDF or Word Doc
  • The file name should have no special characters
  • The file size should be no bigger than 1MB

I am having technical difficulties with the site.

The first step is to try the site in a different browser – we find that Google Chrome works best. If this doesn’t help, please contact mentoring@screenireland.ie

Can I change anything on my application once it has been submitted?

No, you will either have to submit a new application form or email mentoring@screenireland.ie to inform us that you have updated information.

I have missed the deadline to apply as a mentee/mentor but I would like to apply. What should I do?

There is one callout for mentees and mentors per year in September/October. If you have missed the deadline for applying, please wait for the next round as late applications will not be considered. 

How can I stay up to date with news about Screen Mentoring?

You can check the website for the latest news about the scheme or sign up to our mailing list via the form in the footer of this site.